Thursday, October 1, 2009

Agile Flavors

Thinking tools: Tools that we use in our field of expertise to build software. In other domains they’re also called mindsets or philosophies. Some examples are:
  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Systems Thinking
  • Theory of Constrains
When thinking becomes acting you need a toolkit (some people like to call it framework). There are many toolkits/frameworks out there to put Agile/Lean at work:
  • Scrum
  • eXtreme Programming
  • Kanban
  • RUP
Some thoughts on the various disciplines:
  • Agile: A core set values for executing projects
  • Lean: A core set of principles for running a company
  • Scrum: A set of agile management practices based on one principle: Inspect and Adapt
  • XP: A set of agile software engineering practices/processes

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