Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Most Important Meeting in Scrum

I was thinking on which would be the most important meeting in Scrum, this questions crossed my mind because I've heard that many teams in my organization still believes that Scrum is all about the Daily Scrum Meeting. Maybe the confusion came from the fact that both Scrum-the framework- and Scrum-the meeting- has the word "Scrum" in their names. Whatever it was it's pretty obvious that is a serious mistake that needs to be corrected.

An interested behavior that I've observed on those teams is that they believe that they're doing Scrum just because they have a daily stand-up meeting. Nothing could be further from the true spirit of Scrum.

But going back to the initial question, in Scrum we have meetings like:
  • Planning Meeting
  • Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting (a.k.a. Post Morten meeting)
  • Mid-Sprint Review Meeting
  • Release Retrospective Meeting
This list is not definitive and surely enough more meetings will be added/suppressed by teams based on their specific needs. However, the meeting that in my humble opinion is the most important in Scrum is the Sprint Retrospective Meeting. Why? Because this is the meeting for revision and improvement and Scrum is all about inspection & adaption.

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