Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Scrum Dream Team

I was watching football (soccer in American sports terminology) the other day. I'm not a big fan these days but I used to be. Anyways, seeing Brazilian National Team playing is always a good investment of time.

While I watched the game some reflections came to my mind:
  1. Brazil has great football players, they're all sport starts that play in the best teams in Europe. They are rich, talented, and famous, everything in the same package. But they're humble enough to accept to be coached.
  2. Anyone in the team, except the goal keeper of course, can score goal and win a match. It's not unusual to see that Brazilian defense can also score. Team success in more important than individual recognition.
  3. Why defense player can score? Simple, they change roles during the match and become part of the offensive. Adaptation is key here.
  4. Brazilian National Team plays differently when it plays against South American or European National teams. Brazilian players use technique or play rough if needed. Essentially they adapt their style to circumstances.
  5. Motivation comes from inside the team, Brazilian players believe that they're the best and always look for new challenges.
Lastly, there many national teams and thousands of excellent players around the world, but what makes this national team so successful? My answer would be that a combination of talent, humbleness, adaption, inspection and teamwork, triggered the magic of the 'jogo bonito'.

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