Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Telling the Tale Using a Task board

What a taskboard is?
  • A communication vehicle
  • A wall or a whiteboard where the team post their kanban cards
  • A visual indicator -a.k.a. information radiator- that provides a quick status check
Who should build it?
  • The Product Owner should build the first version
  • The team can increment it's content in each Sprint
Who should maintain it?
  • The main responsible is the Product Owner
  • But this doesn't excludes the team in participating
  • The ultimate goal is that the taskboard accourately reflex tasks -kanbans- progress
  • The rule of thumb is having always updated status of tasks completion
Who should prioritize it?
  • In kanban the taskboard is not prioritized but in Scrum it is, so the main responsible for this is the Product Owner
Does it has to be online?
  • Yes, if you want to save the kanbans for later analysis
  • Yes, if your team is distributed
  • Yes, if you have way to many kanbans to put in a single wall (smells: problem indicator)
  • Yes, if you have found an electronic taskboard that is not complicated to use and fill your needs
  • Otherwise you should be using the old and simplified version: post-its and a whiteboard

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