Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mythical Scrum Master

Once upon the time there was an all powerful individual full of charm and personality, his energy and intelligence what nothing from this world. His voice was like a thunder and he has this magic thing for solving everybody's problems: his name was The Scrum Master

Unfortunately this is just a myth, no such thing exist or at least can be easily found in just one individual. But let's go one step back, why people created a myth around this character? There are some reason that I can think about:
  1. From a management perspective it's easier to concentrate all responsibilities -and powers- in just one individual
  2. From a team perspective it's times easier to expect that somebody leads the team and solve problems
  3. Concentration of responsibilities in one individual is the worst enemy of team empowerment and the great ally of micromanagement
  4. Blaming only one individual in case of failure is less harmful to morale than blaming the whole team
So what can we do to kill the myth? Several things I guess:
  1. People believes in myths because they try to avoid reality, so let's start there recognizing that there's no Super Scrum Master
  2. Like it happened in old towns, myths will be erased via education -so let's start by educating managers and teams
  3. But education people on what? Short answer: Scrum
  4. Micromanagement is good as long as the team is in charge of it: micromanagement of the team by the team is what we're looking for


  1. Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Ing. Juan , una consulta el rol de scrum master puede ser un rol rotativo dentro de un equipo scrum? eso resultaria ventajoso ?