Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Myth of the Accusatory Taskboard

I've seen many teams in many projects that are afraid of updating their real status in a taskboard because they feel that if they say the truth their manager will punish them. Childish as this might sound, this situation is not uncommon and frequently leads taskboards to be an inaccurate representation of the reality.

Let's start one step back, what is a taskboard in the first place? My answer would be this: a taskboard is a collaborative tool that the whole team uses to communicate ideas and reflect tasks status.

Conversely, what a taskboard is not is a reporting dashboard that upper managers look for finding problems and bottlenecks. Further, managers can't pretend to use taskboards for micromanagement and problem diagnosis.

Two steps back, Scrum is all about empowering the team, not about managers using reporting tools to controlling things in a project.

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