Friday, April 23, 2010

Orlando Scrum Gathering

What a fantastic conference this has been! Check this link for a promotional video

And this other one for the presentations

Hope the Scrum Alliance continue organizing such great conferences


  1. Congratulations Juan!!!, I could see all the huge expertise you won on all your work years experience. Like you I really like to use Scrum in order to success with every project I participate. I agree specially in the idea of group team estimations (much more real world), because in my previous experience every time the estimation was imposed only by the Manager's thought,it always ended so terrible (most of all for team members like devs and QEs). I used also the planning poker but in my opinion it was not so useful. One query about handling the project progress. One time we were punished in use task board with post ticks in a big board paper with columns like: User stories,To do,In progress,Done I think for more visual help, but no one really liked for many reasons (waste time written manually,unclear letter,post ticks used to drop down with the time and as a result we had lost tasks, and so on). The team members like to use only electronic digital boards like XPlanner and Acunote where we can measure the same progress. It is really necessary use paper task boards with post ticks?. For our last Scrum Master it is a requirement for SCRUM.What do you think about it?.
    Well thank u for your time.. I hope to became also a Scrum Master soon and apply at 100% Scrum Framework for all my future projects.

  2. Thanks, post cards usually work fine for collocated teams. The principles is very simple: reduce complexity to a minimum using the simplest thing that you can find, a pen and a post-its.

    However, if your project, or your team, or just your drive for technology motivates you to use an electronic taskboard, that´s acceptable too.

    Just a word of caution, there´re many options out there, some are free and some are really expensive (like Version One or Rally). Don´t fall into the trap that a super-fancy software solution will do the job for you, good Scrum teams have values that can make them work effectively even with pen and post-its, cultivate that values first.