Monday, November 23, 2009

The Scrum Dream Team

I was thinking in some of the characteristics-I guess that the word qualifications doesn't apply in this context-for a great Scrum team and I came up with a list:
  1. It has to be self directed, meaning that it has to be capable of getting into trouble and create its own ways to strait things
  2. It has to be self governed, meaning that it shouldn't wait for managers to be told what to do
  3. It works more based on agreement more than on impositions
  4. It respects everybody's personalities
  5. It really cares about everybody's well being
  6. It reach consensus because their team members don't have an "I win, you loose" mentality
  7. It creates a friendly environment, a note here, I come from a Latin culture where friendly really means friendly like people eating, jogging, going out, making jokes, and drinking together. It's not uncommon to see that team mates do things together on weekends and after office hours, this creates close bonds that survive years after they finish a project
  8. It has to have team members ready to make concessions and pact rather to go into a quarrel
  9. It has to have a good buffer (a.k.a. Scrum Master) from external interferences
  10. It has to have a track story of continuous improvements
  11. It has to be willing to learn new things

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